Meet the Owner!

The Rustic Coop MN is a small business where the farm lifestyle meets western fashion. I’m Shyanne, the face behind The Rustic Coop MN. When I’m not designing cowhide accessories, I’m an Agriculture Advocate for the State of MN, allowing me to promote one of my passions - agriculture. I was born and raised on a crop farm, so needless to say, I hold anything Ag-related close to my heart.

My second love is fashion, especially western fashion! My love of agriculture and western flair morphed into a unique western style consisting of a whole lotta cowhide, turquoise, and fringe. I began making handmade cowhide accessories to fit my unique fashion, which has excitedly turned into sharing my handmade cowhide goods with others, while representing the agriculture lifestyle. If you're interested in learning more or following along visit our social sites below. 

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